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At Eastern Strategic Materials, we distribute a full line of new and used scientific, instrumentation, laboratory, and high end specialty products designed for your exacting needs in the aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, research, and other fields.

If your lab or company is no longer in need of any of the specialty instrumentation and machinery listed below, contact us. We purchase select inventory.


  • CNC Machine tools
  • Crucibles
  • Dimensional inspection machines
  • Electronic streak / framing cameras
  • Flash x-ray machines
  • Frequency changer
  • Furnaces
  • Isostatic presses
  • Mechanical rotating mirror cameras
  • Neutron generators
  • Pressure transducers
  • Pulse discharge capacitors
  • Pulse generators
  • Spark gap switches
  • Thermal batteries


Some of the fine instrumentation, equipment, and associated products we carry include the following manufacturers. Click on a name to be taken to their respective catalog.