5900-6400 MHz 20 Watt Power (Microwave) Amplifier


Our special this month is a 5.9 to 6.4 GHz solid state GaAs FET amplifier designed for various commercial and military applications. The amplifier provides 58 dB of linear gain with a P1dB of +43 dBm.

This is a high reliability item and will function in austere and rugged military environments

Parameter                                                      Specification
Frequency Range                                            5.9 – 6.4 GHz

Pout (P1dB)                                                       +43 dBm
Output Third Order                                       +55 dBm
Intercept Point (OIP3)

Linear Gain                                                         57 dB ±1 dB
Gain Flatness                                                      ± .75 dB
(over full band)
Gain Change                                                        ± .5 dB
(over temperature)
Input/Output Return Loss                           -16 dB / -16dB
DC Input Voltage                                             +12 Volts
DC Input Current                                              8.0 Amperes (operational)

Mechanical Dimensions                                 7.50 x 3.97 x .79 inches
(Without Heatsink)
RF Connectors                                                   SMA Female
Operating Temperature                                 0ºC to +55ºC
Operating Humidity                                        95% Non-condensing
Operating Altitude                                           Up to 10,000 feet
above Sea Level



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