T800S C 12000 -50C

These days, it is getting harder and harder to find a ready supply of some of the finest carbon fiber in the world. We were able to purchase select inventory of T800S C 12000-50C on 7 Kg bobbins at a creditors auction. Their loss; our gain, your gain! Below are the specs:

T800S                         Fiber Type
C                                Never twisted
12000                         Number of Filaments
5                                 Sizing Type
0                                 Surface Treatment
C                                 Sizing Amount
Characteristic             Unit                             Min. Lot Avg.             Max. Lot Avg.
Tensile Strength         Kgf/mm2                      540                              —
                                    Ksi                          768                              —
Tensile Modulus          1000 Kf/mm2                  28.5                           31.5
                                Msi                              40.5                             44.8
Elongation                  %                               1.8                               —
Yield                          G/1000m                     485                              535
Density                    g/cm3                           1.76                             1.84
Sizing Amount            %                                0.8                               1.6

We’ll be doing something different for this special. We will be taking bids for the fiber, per kilo in USD, for the month of October. Let us know the quantity that you wish to purchase (remember, it is packed on 7Kg bobbins, 4 to a box) and we will contact you at the end of the month if you have a winning bid. We may require a deposit to hold your fiber as we expect many bids. Let the bidding begin.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current models.