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Honeywell Inertial Measurement Unit (HG1930 MEMS)

What a great deal on a super reliable Honeywell product we are offering this month!

The Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) inertial measurement
unit is especially designed for projectiles, missiles, smart munitions, and unmanned vehicles. Key features include microminiature size, low power and gun-hardened capability. The IMU includes MEMS gyroscopes, MEMS accelerometers, and a reliable, ARM7 microprocessor that drives excellent system performance.

• Low-cost tactical MEMS gyros.
• Reliable, low-cost ARM7 microprocessor
• +5Vdc input power
• Single, physically integrated, hermetically sealed package
• Highly configurable per user requirements
• Programmable, expandable serial I/O using RS422 interface
-Standard SDLC
-AMRAAM compatible
-Synchronous or asynchronous
-Custom serial


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