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Based on the highly successful Visible-Near Infrared(VNIR) system, The High-Speed Hyperspectral (HS) Imager is the fastest commercial real-time HS imaging system on the market today. Out of the box, theis can be used in demanding analysis, quality control and detection work.

Comprising a very high-speed, high sensitivity visible-near IR(VNIR) 512 x 512 pixel Si array, imaging spectrometer, integrated scanning system and vector processor, you may can acquire and process imagery at a rate of 80 mega-pixels per second at 14-bit resolution. The scan line speed is adjustable from 725 lps (1.5 cubes/sec) to 6700 lps(12 cubes/sec) The system’s spectral response covers the visible to near-infrared spectral range from 0.4 – 1.0 microns and comes either as an imager or line scan camera.   The spectral resolution is variable 2.8 to 25 nm.

With four programmable filters, three integration channels, on-the-fly dark frame subtraction and calibration, the system can be configured to display color, single-band or any user-specified three band sensor. The internal matched filters can be used to detect or reject with a high degree of confidence up to 4 different spectral fingerprints. The HS cube size is variable from 10 – 90 MB. The imager is supported by custom HSAnalysis3 software with a user-friendly GUI.



  • Sustains the speeds necessary to provide the immediate feedback that is required


  • 50x’s faster than conventional system, meeting the demands of time critical industrial applications.


  • Low power – 50 watts


  • Embedded PC for in camera, real-time HS processing


  • Adjustable line scan speed – 725 – 6700/sec

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