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Aluminum Lithium Alloy 8090 (alloy 8090)

We are highlighting our supply of alloy 8090, a speciality Aluminum Lithium (Al Li) alloy.

Alloy 8090 has many uses including commercial and military aerospace applications, as well as space vehicles including commercial rocketry and satellite applications.

Our Alloy 8090 offers increased fatigue strength, cryogenic durability, high stiffness, reduced ductility, fracture toughness, and resistance to fatigue crack. Composition by weight (percentage) is: 2.5 Li, 0.12 Zr, 1.3 Cu, 0.95 Mg, and 95.13 Al.

Density: 2.55 G/cm

Elastic Modulus: 77 GPa

We have assorted bar stock, rounds, and sheets (meeting AMS 4259) on hand with the ability to create customized orders of additional sizes with reduced lead times for your manufacturing needs.


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