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Voltage Controlled Solidtron (VCS) discharge Switch [SMCTAA65N14A10]

This voltage controlled Solidtron (VCS) discharge switch utilizes an n-type MOS-Controlled Thyristor mounted in a five leaded TO247 plastic package. The VCS features the high peak current capability and low Onstate voltage drop common to SCR thyristors combined with extremely high dI/dt capability. This semiconductor is intended for the control of high power circuits with the use of very small amounts of input energy and is ideally suited for capacitor discharge applications. The industry standard TO-247 package allows for assembly of the Solidtron using automated insertion equipment.

1400V Peak Off-State Voltage 65A Continuous Rating 6kA Surge Current Capability >100kA/uSec dI/dt Capability <150nSec Turn-On Delay Low On-State Voltage MOS Gated Control Low Inductance Package Gate (G) Gate Return (GR) Cathode (K)

SYMBOL Peak Off-State Voltage Peak Reverse Voltage Off-State Rate of Change of Voltage Immunity Continuous Anode Current 110 C Repetitive Peak Anode Current (Pulse Width=1uSec) Rate of Change of Current Continuous Gate-Cathode Voltage Peak Gate-Cathode Voltage Minimum Negative Gate-Cathode Voltage Required for Garanteed Off-State Maximum Junction Temperature Maximum Soldering Temperature (Installation)

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