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HotShot Series Infrared Camera

The past seven days has proven to be an unusually hot week here. What better way than to assist you in managing your hot spots than with the HotShot series of Infrared Inspection cameras. We offer the HD-XT, HDE-XT, and HDE9-XT. we also offer higher end and specialized end use models (upon request).

  • Locate hot spots in circuitry;
  • Locate submerged or buried items such as cables and pipelines;
  • Evaluation and Diagnosis of hydraulic systems;
  • Check the integrity of systems;
  • -20C to 500C temperature range;
  • Portable, remarkably simple to use;
  • Superb ergonomics.
Stay cool, look out for those hot spots before they turn minor maintenance issues into big problems, and contact us today by email at: info@easternstrategicmaterials.com for all of you Infrared Imaging needs!

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current models.