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Pressure Sensors

Happy new year! We wish all of our clients, vendors, and associates a very happy, healthy, and productive new year.

To celebrate the new year, we are featuring Vacom Total Pressure Sensors. It is a way of reminding us that this past year’s success did not happen in a vacuum – but your’s just may have.

Vacom is an industry leader in safe, robust, accurate, and long-life pressure measurement devices and sensors. These sensors offer low to high ranges for many varied applications, even space-based research activities. We offer the Atomion, Barion, Barion XHV, Barion UHV-Bayard-Alpert-Sensor, Barion XS, Beam Flux Monitor (BFM), and Piezosens.

Contact us today for all of your pressure sensing needs from Vacom and other reputable industry names.



Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current models.