NH4NO3 – Ammonium Nitrate – CAS 6484-52-2

This month we are highlighting a specialty product used in the ordnance, explosives, pyrotechnics, and other fields. It has been a severe winter here in the northeastern USA and our loss is your gain. Many outdoor projects were placed on hold or otherwise delayed. We want you to get the most bang for your buck so we have chosen to offer Ammonium Nitrate as our April special.  Give us a call today or contact us by email (info@easternstrategicmaterials.com) for all of your specialty chemical and ordnance needs.

Our featured product is 99.950% purity, chemical formula NH4NO3, CAS 6484-52-2; meets and/or exceeds MIL-A-175A.

We are able to offer custom packaging solutions.

Moisture:                            0.15%

Acidity as Nitric Acid:           0.02%

Water Insoluble Matter:       0.10%

Residue on Ignition:            0.01%

Chlorides:                           0.02%

Sulfates:                             0.02%

Solubility in Water:              1.0g/0.5mL

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current models.