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Low Voltage Quad Driver – UT54LVDS031LV/E

Today we are featuring Aeroflex products. Aeroflex is a premier firm engaged in microelectronic products for use in the aerospace and defense industries. Space-qualified and rad-hardened, these products can handle any environment.

We are offering the UT54LVDS031LV/E Low Voltage Quad Driver. This is a quad CMOS differential line driver designed for applications requiring ultra low power dissipation and high data rates. This model supports data rates in excess of 400 Mbps (200MHz) utilizing specialized low voltage differential signaling (LVDS).  TTL input is accepted and translated into low voltage (340mV) differential output signals. The driver supports a three-state function that may be used to disable the output stage, disabling the load current, and thus dropping the device to an ultra low idle power state. All pins have cold spare buffer.

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We want to wish everyone a festive and safe Fourth of July holiday. Have fun and be safe during the upcoming holiday weekend.


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