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Space Certified TWT – Model 88150 – Ku-band

We hope that all of our friends and customers enjoyed their Labor Day holiday!

For this month, we are highlighting L-3 Communications Electron Technologies, Inc. (ETI). ETI designs and manufactures space qualified Traveling Wave Tubes. ETI space TWTs and TWTAs have been used in scientific experiments, manned missions, and communication applications by both military and commercial customers. This product line is robust and has been used in communication satellites.  These products continue to be developed and refined. As a result, these products have a longer life, lighter weight, higher efficiencies, lower distortion, higher frequencies, and smaller size.

The Linearized Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier (LTWTA) product line is recognized as the leading supplier of high efficiency, lightweight Electronic Power Conditioners (EPC) for satellite applications. The manufacturer offers integration capability including linearizers and channel amplifiers and high voltage EPCs for commercial and military/defense applications. Products are available in single, dual, regulated and unregulated configurations.

As a reminder, we will be closed during the week of September 7, 2014 and will re-open on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. During this time we will be conducting our semi-annual product inventory, holding company-wide meetings, as well as upgrading several of our computer systems. This will allow us to serve you with greater efficiency.

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