PE9701 Phase Locked Loop for Space Applications

This month we are highlighting a high-tech, space certified product – the Peregrine PE9701. This space certified, high performance integer-N PLL delivers superior phase noise performance where low phase noise is critical. If you are in the market for upgrading, this part is drop-in compatible with prior iterations of the product line, such as: PE9702 and PE9704. This item is a High reliable unit, suitable for the most demanding and space applications.

The unit is capable of frequency synthesis up to 3.0 GHz. The device is designed for superior phase noise performance while providing an order of magnitude reduction in current consumption, when compared with existing commercial space Phase Locked Loops. The PE9701 features a 10/11 dual modulus prescaler, counters, and a phase comparator. Counter values are programmable through either a serial or parallel interface and can also be directly hard wired. It is offered in a 44-lead CQFJ package and in DIE form.

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