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Canned Motor Pump

This month we are highlighting seal-less regenerative turbine pumps (also known as canned, hermetic, or zero emission pumps) designed to handle applications with difficult to seal fluids where absolutely leak free performance is required, and mechanical seals simply cannot provide the needed reliability, protection, and performance. These pumps perform without the leaks and inevitable seal maintenance of other pump units. Water/glycol mixtures and exotic heat transfer fluids present no difficulty for these pumps under a wide range of temperature extremes. The canned motor design is far preferable to magnetic drive couplings as it does not add excessive length to the unit in tight OEM enclosures, or suffer from the magnetic de-coupling problems often associated with mag-drive solutions. Bearings, high strength cast stainless steel components, and a seal-less design assures extended maintenance free life.

Many of these pump models have a 316 stainless steel housing and proprietary Nickel-based alloys – supremely corrosion resistant.

We offer a variety of U.S. based manufacturers in order to assist you in selecting a long lasting, efficient, and cost effective solution.

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Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current models.