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Spin Coater – Universal Spin Processor

It is the month of March, but is sure does not feel like it outside. After receiving several additional inches of snow this past weekend, another winter weather advisory and storm is on the way. We are merely thankful that we have much less snow than our friends in Boston. Still, it would be great if a crocus would rear its colorful flower head.

As we’ve been spun around with crazy weather this season we thought it appropriate to highlight the WS-650 Spin Coater-Universal Spin Processor series. This series of spin coater is a great bench work tool to have around for your R & D and process/control needs. Suitable for solvents, acid/base processing, coating etching, developing, rinsing, drying, and cleaning. This series is wholly upgradable, and is available for manual or automatic settings. There are many options available for the user to choose from as well as upgrade to.

  • Models available for 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm wafers and square substrates
  • Digital Process Controller
  • Solid Special Formula Natural Polypropylene or Teflon® housing with interlocking clamshell plenum
  • Water-clear ECTFE or PVC domed lid
  • NPP or Teflon® control valves / drip-free UD-3 injectors (resolution repeatability in µl) — convert your source quickly from a pump to a pressure vessel or a syringe
  • Adjustable down-flow exhaust and drain (includes 10′ of flexible duct
  • Safety door interlock (disallows rotation and chemical dispense process chamber is open
  • Safety door latch (requires deliberate action to open the process chamber)
  • Safety door lock (process chamber can not be opened while a program is running or during chuck rotation after program ends)

Give the Eastern Strategic Materials, Inc. sales team a call at 646-213-9080 or email us at: sales@easternstrategicmaterials.com. We’ll provide expert assistance to help you outfit or upgrade your R & D lab, or any special project you may have.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current models.