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Piezoresistive Accelerometer

Spring truly has finally arrived here in the heart of New York City!

For the month of May, we have chosen to highlight the Endevco 7270A series of piezoresistive accelerometers.

These units are very solid and rugged, designed to handle rough conditions. The CNC work is each cut from a single piece of silicon. This etched silicon chip includes the inertial mass and strain gages arranged in an active four-arm Wheatstone bridge circuit complete with a novel network. Having ideal characteristics such as low mass, extremely small size and exceptionally high resonance frequency with low impedance, high overrange, and zero damping for no phase shift. The high resonance frequency of these sensors permits their survival in the presence of these high frequency components in a shock pulse that could render inoperable, other less quality accelerometers. High resonance frequencies and damping permit the accelerometer to respond accurately to fast rise time, short duration shock motion. The wide frequency response extending down to dc or steady state accelerations, these transducers are ideal for measurements of long duration transients.

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