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Miniature Slip Ring Capsules RK4288

Our product feature for this month are miniature slip ring capsules, (RK4288). Miniature slip ring capsules may be used in any electromechanical project that requires unrestrained, occasional or continuous rotation while transferring power and/or transfer of data.

Each individual assembly includes the rotor, brush blocks, frame, ball bearings and dust cover. This allows for the most compact and smallest weight package for special projects where weight and space requirements are at a premium.

The miniature slip rings can be configured with spacing between rings of 0.015 inch and brush diameters smaller than the diameter of hair! COTS designs are available or we are able to work with you to craft something that meets your unique requirements.

Key Points

  • Center-to-center adjacent ring spacings as small as 0.015 inch;
  • 95 rings packaged in a self-contained package 3.3 inches long and 1.5 inch diameter;
  • Gold-on-gold sliding contacts;
  • Up to 40 rpm;
  • Low noise; as low as 15 milliohm per pair;
  • Long life; millions of revolutions!


  • Unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • Unmanned autonomous vehicles;
  • Military applications/projects;
  • Satellite de-spin;
  • Airborne camera/ISR platforms;
  • Inertial navigation systems (gimbal pitch, yaw, roll axes).
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