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Spectrum Analyzer (24 GHz and 8 GHz available)

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and has finished with their leftover turkey. In a little over three weeks, Christmas will be here. Just in time for the season we are featuring a great item for that electronic afficianado, engineer, security department, or tinkerer.

TheĀ OSCOR Blue is a hand held spectrum analyzer with rapid sweep speed and functionality suited for detecting unknown, illegal, disruptive, and anomalous rogue transmissions over a wide frequency range. This rugged spectrum analyzer is useful for conducting communication site surveys, RF emissions analysis, for use by wireless service installers and service providers, as well as for security surveys for eavesdropping/surreptitious monitoring detection.

This hand held spectrum analyzer sweeps 24GHz in 1 second quickly detecting transmitting electronic surveillance devices. The spectrum analyzer utilizes an integrated auto switching antenna system and requires no extra antennas or cables. At 9.6 pounds/4.4 kilograms, this model is rugged, very much portable and simple to use.

Eastern Strategic Materials carries a complete line of spectrum analyzers, mobile telephone/communication interception equipment, and many other items to support your needs. Reach us 24 hours a day online at info@easternstrategicmaterials.com or contact use by phone at 646-213-9080. We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We thank our customers for allowing us to serve their needs.

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