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GaN Power Amplifier – 2.0 GHz – 18.0 GHz

Spring is here, but so are the last vestiges of winter. We’ve had ice on our doorsteps this morning and some of our associates North of New York City experienced snow! This month, we feature GaN Power Amplifiers, available from 2.0 GHz – 18.0 GHz.

GaN power amplifiers are configured specifically for high output power, small size and high operating temperature range. The robust design was created in concert with the utilization of the latest available GaN power output devices. High power density and junction temperature of GaN devices make them the best choice for defense electronics. They are suitable for UAV, Radar, and as replacements for TWTs in CW and Pulsed applications.

These amplifiers can be used for pulsed signal applications as well, with higher output-power ratings. Engineered specifically to meet the stringent requirements imposed by many modern radar designs. Whether the radar is narrowband, wideband or ultra-wideband, operating in pulsed or CW mode, GaN power amplifiers are an especially attractive choice for new multifunction radar systems that effectively conserve weight, space and power consumption though the combination of several stand-alone radars into a single system.

GaN amplifiers undergo a 24-hour burn-in period and thorough screening to ensure reliability. Specifications listed are guaranteed at 25°C. Units operate from -55 to +85°C. Over-engineered, the result is a selection of adaptable, modular amplifiers requiring only a single supply voltage. Both military and commercial configurations show benefits in: Increased Sensitivity, Reduced Size and Weight, Higher Efficiency, Wider Bandwidth, Reduced Cost, and System Power Efficiency.

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