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Radiation-tolerant Antifuse-based FPGA

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday. Here in New York, the rain held off just long enough for us to have those great cookouts, enjoy the fireworks displays, and clean the dust from the streets. For July, Eastern Strategic Materials, Inc. is featuring high-reliability, radiation-tolerant antifuse-based FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays).

Featuring SEU-hardened D-type flip-flops that offer the benefits of Triple Module Redundancy (TMR) without the associated overhead, this is a unique product offering for space applications and offers levels of radiation survivability far in excess of typical CMOS devices.

  • 230 MHz system performance (310 MHz internal)
  • Very low power consumption (Up to 68 mW at Standby)
  • 3.3 V and 5.0 V mixed voltage
  • Configurable I/O support for 3.3 V/5 V PCI, LVTTL, TTL, and CMOS
    • 5 V input tolerance and 5 V drive strength
  • Secure programming technology prevents reverse engineering and design theft
  • 100% circuit resource utilization with 100% pin locking
  • Unique in-system diagnostic and verification capability with Silicon Explorer II
  • Low-Cost prototyping option deterministic, user-controllable timing
  • JTAG boundary scan testing in compliance with IEEE Standard 1149.1 - dedicated JTAG Reset (TRST) Pin
  • Highly reliable, nonvolatile antifuse technology
  • 32,000 to 72,000 ASIC gates (48,000 to 108,000 system gates)
  • Up to 360 user-programmable I/Os
  • Hermetically-sealed packages for space applications (CQFP, CCGA/LGA, CCLG)
Radiation Performance
  • SEU-Hardened registers eliminate the need to implement TMR
  • Immune to Single-Event Upsets (SEU) to LETTH > 40 MeV-cm2/mg
  • SEU Rate < E10-œ10 upset/bit-day in worst-case geosynchronous orbit
  • Up to 100 krad (Si) Total Ionizing Dose (TID) - parametric performance supported with lot-specific test data
  • Single-Event Latch-Up (SEL) immunity
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As a reminder to our new and existing customers, we will be closed for our annual vacation and quarterly inventory/maintenance from July 8 and will reopen for business with the general public on July 18. Thank you for your continued support!
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High Speed Synthesizer, 9.25 – 19 GHz

Spring is truly here; however, it sure does not feel like it! Sure the rain is associated with spring, but the 40 degree temperatures? Who would have guessed that we’d have beautiful cherry blossoms and 40 degree weather. With the advent of May and the recent celebration of Orthodox Easter, we at Eastern Strategic Materials are truly hoping for some warmer weather. While we await the better weather, please review our May highlighted product offering.

This month we feature a high speed synthesizer, 9.25 – 19 GHz. This item offers high speed switching, a wide bandwidth, compact size at less than 2400 cc, and step size as small as less than 1 Hz.

Contact Eastern Strategic Materials, Inc. today for all of your specialty electronic products. Reach us 24/7 by email: sales@easternstrategicmaterials.com or by phone: 646-213-9080. We are your top source for critical components.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current models.