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Fomblin Oil

Our July special is Fomblin Oil manufactured by Solvay Solexis.

A perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricant, Fomblin Oil is the premier choice in many applications, including:

  • Deep space rocket nozzle lubrication
  • Missile catapult system lubrication
  • Sintered metal bearing requiring exceptional service life
  • Anti-lock brake systems
  • Oxygen and chlorine valves and pumps
  • Gold contact surface lubrication
  • Sealing fluid for vacuum pumps
  • Nuclear industry
  • Instrumentation

Having observed the July 4th holiday, employee vacations in the summertime and the like, we apologize for the delay in posting this special. Will will honor this special in August as well. Contact us for your PFPE needs!

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